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Recent Advanced in HBR

Recent Advanced in HBR & Colorectal Surgery
7 – 8 November 2017
Park Hyatt Hote, Jeddah. KSA

Dear colleagues,
I would like to welcome you all to the Saudi General Surgery Society (SGSS) website.
I have been honored and humbled to take over presidency and leadership of this great society. I am going to work hard with my colleague members of the executive board together with your cooperation to complete our march to achieve the objectives of the Society and accelerate its development.
I have taken it among my top priorities to improve the means of communication between SGSS members and their Society, as well as to expand its activities to reach more regions of Saudi Arabia and a larger segment of its members and those interested, both in the Kingdom as well as in the Gulf and Arab countries.
I am pleased to see the results of some of our efforts a tangible reality. The launch of the new version of this website coincides with the launch of the Saudi General Surgery Society application for smartphones and mobile devices. Users of these SGSS “electronic terminals” will be able to browse its periodic scientific journal, register in the society and its various scientific activities, and communicate with the SGSS executive board and secretary, among many other functions and services.
I hope that you spend a pleasant time browsing this website and that you find what meets your needs and expectations.


Dr. Abdulmalik Altaf
President of the Saudi General Surgery Society

“في ذكرى هذا اليوم الخالدة نهنئ قيادتنا الرشيدة، ونهنئ الشعب السعودي الكريم بعز الوطن وشموخه، ونذكر نعم الله علينا حيث أكرمنا باتباع كتابه وسنة نبيه ـ صلى الله عليه وسلم ـ، وأسبغ علينا من النعم ظاهرةً وباطنة، فنحمده سبحانه وتعالى، ونحث أنفسنا على المزيد من البذل والعطاء، وعلى الإخلاص في العمل ماضين بوطننا للعلياء والمجد

ولا ننسى أبدًا إخواننا الأبطال الذين يقفون على الحدود ورجالنا البواسل الذين يسهرون على أمننا ومكتسبات وطننا وقيم أمتنا، فلهم منا تحية تقدير ممزوجة بأصدق معاني الفخر والشكر، ودعاؤنا الخالص للمولى أن يرحم شهداءنا وأن يحفظ لنا قيادتنا ووطننا شامخًا وأن يديم علينا نعمه وأن يزيدنا رفعةً وعزًّا وسؤدد

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